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What Medicare Part A Covers?

Medicare Part A provides various medical services such as hospital care,, skilled nursing facility care, home health and hospice.

Hospital Stay Coverage

Medicare Part A helps cover overnight inpatient stays which entail lab tests, a semi-private room and food for the beneficiary. The beneficiary is covered for up to 60 days in the in-network hospital and upon exceeding 60 days, coinsurance and plan restrictions may apply.

Skilled Nursing Facility

The cost for the initial 20 days in a skilled nursing facility is included in Medicare Part A. Medicare part A can cover a stay in nursing home care facility, if you require more than custodial care.

Important Point to Note

If you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plan or any other Medicare plan, you may have to abide by different rules. In this case, your plan must provide similar medical coverage as that of Medicare Part A and Part B.
If you don’t sign up for Medicare Part A once you are eligible, you may be subject to a late enrollment penalty.