Experience of steroid courses. Doctor about the dangers and side effects of steroids

July 23, 2020

Experience of steroid courses. Doctor about the dangers and boldenone steroid price side effects of steroids

Despite warnings about the dangers of steroids, there are enough of those who want to test the effect of anabolic complexes on their bodies. GO.TUT.BY talked to guys who have different opinions about "chemistry", and learned the opinion of a sports medicine doctor.

Despite warnings about the dangers of steroids, there are enough of those who want to test the effect of anabolic complexes on their bodies. steroids online GO.TUT.BY talked with guys who have different opinions about “chemistry” and found out the opinion of a sports medicine doctor.

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Taking steroids can lead to early heart attacks, strokes, liver tumors, kidney failure.

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“I looked like a teenager against the background of future colleagues. To some extent, because of this, I caught fire with a set of muscle mass “

Roman Volkov, 26 years old. Took steroids. Photo: from the personal archive.

– I became interested in sports as a child. At first he was engaged in karate for five years, then in Thai boxing for three and a half years, then he switched to hand-to-hand combat. I must say right away that then I had a negative attitude towards steroids. He believed that any athlete can achieve the highest results without, so to speak, “additives”.

Good friends advised me to try injectable steroids for sale usa Khimka, but I refused because I did not see the point in it. But a few years ago I decided to change jobs. When top steroid labs I came to train and saw my partners, I began to feel ashamed of my body. All the guys were strong, and at that time I weighed 83 kilograms with a height of 178 centimeters. Against the background of future colleagues, I visually seemed like a teenager. To some extent, because of this, I went to pull iron and fired up a set of muscle mass. Let’s just say there was an incentive. That’s when I took one of the drugs for the first time.

I will not deny that a lot of things have changed in appearance: gradually I began to add mass. I became more resilient, physically stronger. For the most part, anabolics provide the base necessary for an athlete. But the further development of the musculature is a man’s business. There is no substitute for work in the gym. In my opinion, only fools believe in fairy tales about instant effect.

The intake of any substances related to weight gain should be approached competently: to know the dosage and side effects. You don’t put a pack of Validol under your tongue when your heart hurts. It’s the same here. I often notice how newly minted pitching ignores the rules – and a failure occurs in the body. Then health problems begin, screaming from all angles: steroids are evil. Many subsequently suffer from sores, forgetting that they have neglected the rules of pharmacology. It seems to me that many of the things that are called buy steroid online side effects of taking steroids – for example impotence – are delusional.

I try not to spend a lot on sports drugs. Now I have a period of cleansing the body or, more correctly, PCT (a cycle of drugs that are used after a course of steroids and other anabolic drugs. – Approx. GO.TUT.BY). I gave about $ 50 for the course – not much.

“I personally saw how in the locker room one guy injected something in the buttocks”

Nikita Tur, 19 years old. Didn’t take steroids. Photo: from personal archive

– Of my 19 and a half years, I devoted eight to swimming. Another four and a half to the gym. Although in the rocking chair I had a short break. I learned about steroids from the Internet, and in the hall, many friends talked about them. I personally saw how one guy injected best steroid brands something in the buttock in the locker room.

Regarding the rejection of anabolic drugs, everything is simple for me: if you take AAS (anabolic and androgenic steroids – approx. GO.TUT.BY), then they affect the endocrine system. Yes, the indicators will be higher on the course, but as soon as you get off the course, the hormones will not recover to the initial values. After all, I am 19 years old and my body produces enough hormones on its own to progress and feel good.

In my opinion, sports nutrition is also marketing. I used to think that nothing would grow without protein and a gainer, but over the past year and a half I have rethought everything. Not without the help of more knowledgeable colleagues, of course. During this time, I bought only fish oil in capsules.

For myself, I decided that in the next 8-10 years I will not use anything at all, I’m not a competitive athlete. I’m already satisfied with the current form.

“I should have gone to the doctor. But they would scare me so much that I would be afraid to push up from the floor “

Alexander Dudin, 22 years old. Took steroids. Photo: from legit steroid sites that accept credit cards personal archive

– For about five years in my free time I have been trying to take care of myself. Unfortunately, between classes in the hall I allowed long breaks – but still I returned to the iron. Over time, I noticed that the gain in weight and strength stopped. With an increase of 180 centimeters, I still weighed 72-73 kilograms. I confess, I was just wondering how my body would behave with steroids – and if I really would get off the ground quickly.

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I did not take steroids while I was a teenager, as I understood that this is absolutely useless for an incompletely formed body, it can only do harm. Yes, and the coach told a lot original steroid reviews of interesting things about anabolic steroids, but warned us against taking various “supplements” at a young age. Two years ago I decided to choose a course for myself. I drew information from the Internet, and also consulted with the coach to find out his opinion. Of course, if you take this very seriously, then it would be worth going to the doctor and having a lot of tests. Most likely, they would scare me so that I would be afraid to push up from the floor.

That course was the first for me, so I chose small dosages of the drug and a short duration of administration, only 5 weeks. After training, he quickly recovered and was ready to return to the gland after 2-3 hours. I trained 5-6 times a week and felt great. I paid more attention to food, ate seven times a day. The diet included cottage cheese, meat, dairy products and a protein shake daily before and after training. Five weeks later, my weight was top steroid websites about 82-83 kilograms. I spent about $ 70 on the course.

Like most, I do not take steroids on a regular basis, so I’m not going to quit for now. Now I am getting back in shape on my own, without drugs – but for the near future I am considering another bundle of steroids.

The doctor comments: “In my practice, everyone who took steroids suffered.”

We asked Evgeny Akimov, a clinical pharmacologist and sports medicine doctor, to clarify:

Evgeny Akimov. Photo: Elena Kleschenok, TUT.BY

– Anabolic steroids and other non-steroidal anabolic agents have been and will be popular, since a person always wants a quick result and as much as possible. In addition, anabolic steroids affect the human psyche, definitely make him self-confident, up to extreme self-confidence and rejection of other people’s opinions. The mood dances from euphoria to dysphoria. Plus, many drugs help to increase libido. So it’s understandable why people who start taking steroids won’t want to give them up.

There are many myths about the dangers of steroids that collapse after a person starts taking them. But the real side effects somehow best online steroid source pass over the ears of AAS adherents. It would be more correct to say that in my practice all people who took drugs of this group suffered. For example, few people take into account that during the period of taking AAS, the lipid spectrum of the blood is significantly disturbed and atherosclerosis begins to progress faster. Medicinal hepatitis, interstitial nephritis, reproductive disorders, fortunately, are almost always reversible. Muscle injuries and depression are also common after discontinuation of AAS. This is not a complete list of the consequences that can be faced, not to mention rare but interesting cases. People who use AAS in sports do not use them at a therapeutic dosage, as they are not interested in therapeutic effects. They need muscle, performance and good looks. This is why side effects are so common. It’s just that not everyone can notice in time the beginning malfunctions in the body and admit their own guilt.

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