How to Choose a QuickBooks Version

February 14, 2020

How to Choose a QuickBooks Version

In the early days of small business accounting software, Intuit offered a single version of its popular accounting software QuickBooks. Today, you have QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Mac, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise – not to mention all of the industry specific versions of QuickBooks. In this free QuickBooks tutorial, you will learn about each version of QuickBooks and learn how to decide which one to purchase.

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software like QuickBooks for small business owners who need to track hours for employees, contractors, and themselves. It has a robust time tracking tool that allows teams to log their hours daily so you can transfer them to an invoice when it’s time to get paid. Cloud-based QuickBooks Online is a great product for service-based businesses and offers four versions to compare.

Some software, such as FreshBooks and Wave, offer limited features. For businesses with more complex accounting needs, they should take a close look at Xero.

QuickBooks Online data can be accessed 24/7 from a PC, Mac, or mobile device. Since all of your data is in the cloud, all you need is an internet connection and a user ID and password. You can become a CPA through a combination of formal education and work experience. A number of online colleges offer accounting degrees with CPA options.

Multi -Instance applies to two different QuickBooks files being open concurrently. Available in QuickBooks Accountant Desktop , QuickBooks Accountant Enterprise . Some restrictions apply in either the first instance, second instance or both instances of open QuickBooks files.

This will leave your version of QuickBooks vulnerable to data breaches. Another alternative to the online version is to have your pro or premier editions hosted in the cloud. There are several quality companies offering this service and you benefit from the remote access like with the online edition but get the benefit of the full functionality of the desktop versions.

Make sure you complete a competitive accounting degree with a CPA track before tackling this final career requirement. If you want to become a certified public accountant, read on to learn the steps involved in becoming this type of well-regarded and highly-paid accountant, and to learn about the best types of online accounting degrees. The training materials for the Desktop Certification are included with the purchase of the desktop version. QuickBooks ProAdvisor is available in USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, and India.

Sometimes, an accountant records the financial transactions for a company, handling the bookkeeping portion of the accounting process. Bookkeepers record financial transactions in chronological order on a daily basis. Because accounting software automates many of the processes, some bookkeepers in small organizations also classify and summarize financial data in financial reports. These bookkeepers are often referred to as full-charge bookkeepers. They make higher salaries than bookkeepers but lower salaries than accountants.

Since QuickBooks is only one form of accounting software, and it largely handles the necessary math for you, don’t confuse a QuickBooks certification with an accredited education in accounting. The certification does not make you a certified bookkeeper or accountant. You will need to maintain an active QuickBooks Desktop basic certification and an active Paid ProAdvisor membership to maintain the QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certification status. Effective December 31, 2018, we will be discontinuing the QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certification training modules and exam. If you hold QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification, you only have to pass the Advanced recertification exam.

Each version of the QuickBooks small business accounting software offers different features to meet the specific needs of your business. For a vast majority of small businesses, QuickBooks Pro will likely meet your needs, but its smart to consider all of the options before investing several hundred dollars into a solution. First, you will learn a description of each QuickBooks version and then we’ll help you narrow down your choices.

How many CPE credits do I receive with the certification courses and how do I know if my state accep…

Remember that you can’t convert QuickBooks Self-Employed to any other version. If you think your business will grow into a larger entity, you’re better off choosing Quickbooks Online. Quickbooks Self-Employed draws a huge following because it caters to a unique niche.

The QuickBooks Certified User certification has helped me in my job because I can do more things than I use to be able to. Certiport (our 3rd party testing provider) has authorized testing centers all across the United States, so they’re easy to find. We’ll get you to the nearest testing center and get you on your way to certification. Shortly after attending your QuickBooks training class, we’ll send you a QuickBooks Certification Study Guide.

It’s also the best option for companies that want access from multiple devices, have more than one person who needs access, and desires data changes to be immediately stored in the cloud. In addition, there are advanced certifications available for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

While you should always learn how to use your chosen accounting software correctly, you don’t require a personal certification to do so. If you are already certified in the previous version of QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Exam, you do have the option to take and complete the New QB Desktop Advanced Certification if you’d like to, but it’s optional.

If you want unlimited tech support, you should buy QuickBooks Pro Plus since the $299.95 annual subscription is the same as the $299.95 annual fee for unlimited tech support alone. In September 2016, Intuit released QuickBooks 2017 with several improvements like automated reports, smart search and improved viewing of report filters among other things. Get real-time access to files anytime, anywhere so you can be productive when you choose.

It is an objective measurement of an individual’s proficiency with the QuickBooks software, and provides a good “reference” for a job seeker. You cannot use QuickBooks Online and Desktop to keep track of your business. They are on two different platforms and do not integrate with each other. Therefore, you will have to choose between QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. To do so, you will need to contact the Intuit customer support team to get the ball rolling.

How does QuickBooks work?

These features make life easy for people who don’t want the hassles of a more elaborate accounting software. Due to the growing impact of COVID-19, we have limited resources and are unable to provide phone support for QuickBooks Desktop. You can continue to visit the QuickBooks Community or our Facebook and Twitter pages. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to keep our staff safe.

If you subscribe to Desktop through the Plus option, unlimited telephone support is included. Both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop have great in-product help. After clicking the help menu, you may type your question using natural QuickBooks language. The program will search QuickBooks’ vast database of answers to provide you with the top few choices. This is a great resource for learning common tasks such as entering bills, printing checks, or emailing invoices.

With QuickBooks Online, you have immediate access to the latest version of the software. This means that any new features and improvements do not require an upgrade like the desktop product. Instead, you log into your account to access the most up-to-date version of QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop Plus provides the desktop software, but for an annual subscription vs a one-time purchase. QuickBooks Desktop Plus is ideal for small business owners who prefer Desktop but also want online backups and annual upgrades to the latest editions.

  • At the beginning of each renewal period we will authorize your card to ensure prompt order processing, resulting in a temporary hold on your account.
  • Crystalynn Shelton is a senior staff writer at Fit Small Business focusing on small business bookkeeping, accounting, and tax content.
  • Desktop users say Desktop is better, and online users claim Online is best.
  • If you are in need of real ERP-level functionality & integration (regardless of scale/size), then QB is not the answer, imo.
  • The online version doesn’t include the Collections Center, Inventory Center or Lead Center.
  • This totally eliminates the need to reconcile your payments and QuickBooks bookkeeping.

Maintain up to date certification by going through the certification process several times through your career. Software changes over time, and your certification will only certify you for one version of QuickBooks. Consider re-certifying every year or several years to keep your QuickBooks certification current.

Is QuickBooks Desktop better than Online?

The report shows you the bottom line net income (loss) for a specific time period, such as a week, a month, or a quarter. Below is a brief description of each of these reports along with a snapshot of what it looks like in QuickBooks Online. You can manage sales and income in QuickBooks by creating invoices to track sales by customer.

For example, you could feature your badge on your website or business card. We recommend that you take the updated exam each year to stay current with your QuickBooks Online knowledge. However, we recommend that you update your QuickBooks Certification status every year to ensure you can provide the highest level of knowledge and support to your clients. When re-taking the QuickBooks Online 2018 exam, you are required to re-answer all of the questions in any section you failed. This differs from prior years, in which test-takers only had to re-answer the questions they got wrong.

This is one of the many features that sets QuickBooks apart from its competitors. It has a user-friendly interface and simple terminology that make it easy to navigate and use. The best part about using QuickBooks payroll is that it is integrated with QuickBooks so your financial statements are always up to date as of the latest payroll run. The purchase of a QuickBooks payroll subscription is required so you have access to the latest payroll tax tables used when calculating employee and employer payroll taxes. It will show you how profitable your business is by summarizing its income minus its expenses.

On September 16, 2019, QuickBooks 2020 was launched with the aim to improve the reliability and experience of using the software. The initial Quicken software did not function as a “double-entry” accounting package.

Purchases/money-out – 18%

I’m a hands-on learner so, sometimes, I will pause the webinar and practice doing something that I just learned. If you prefer live instruction, you can check the schedule for a list of all upcoming QuickBooks workshops. Before you attend a live workshop, be sure to download the study guides to your computer so that you can follow along with the instructor.

If you believe the online version is best for you and your company, I recommend finding an accountant or bookkeeper who has experience with the new technology. There has been and continues to be a debate as to whether or not the cloud version of QuickBooks is better than the desktop version. The desktop version has been around since the 1990s, long before software over the internet was common, and it currently has a few more features and better functionality when you compare it to the online version.

Sales and expenses are available in one currency only and business plans, sales or expense forecasts aren’t supported. Businesses with basic accounting needs may find the online version suitable. Carefully evaluate whether you need the missing features when choosing a version.

QuickBooks accounting

By now, you should have more than enough information to take that next step and become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. If you’re on the fence, just complete step one to sign up for your free QuickBooks Online account. However, if you want to increase your knowledge and skills in QuickBooks, you should complete the remaining steps to become certified.

Intuit QuickBooks is North America’s leading small business accounting software. Millions of businesses use QuickBooks to manage their small business accounting. We’re proud to be the only Intuit-endorsed QuickBooks training partner.

QuickBooks accounting

They also classify and generate reports using the financial transactions. Accountants analyze financial transactions in financial statements and business reports following accounting principles, standards and requirements. Accountants analyze and interpret financial data to report the financial condition and performance of the business to company leaders to help them make informed business decisions. The accounting process involves recording, interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting and summarizing financial data.

QuickBooks Training class Boston

While keeping track of inventory is doable in a spreadsheet, it can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Below is a sample Inventory Valuation Summary Report from QuickBooks Online. This report shows a list of your inventory products, quantity on hand, average cost, and their total value.

Your data will still transfer over to the new software once you convert it to work with your new version of QuickBooks. It supports additional audit trails, more users, and integration into other business systems. For a small enterprise level solution, the cost isn’t out of line, it will probably run you about $5,000 – $10,000 per year in license fees. If you’re a large enough organization, this is the right accounting software for you.

Second, if you run multiple businesses, you’ll find that the Desktop version is much more cost-effective. Desktop supports unlimited number of companies (one company per data file), while the online version only supports one company per license. So, if you own/operate multiple companies, you can use one Desktop license for all of them, but you’d need separate licenses of Online for each company. Please note that this only applies to the core Quickbooks program, not the payroll module.

If you are currently using QuickBooks Mac and looking to switch to QuickBooks Online, you should compare QuickBooks Online products to determine which is right for you. Online QuickBooks reviews are another good source to help you decide which product makes the most sense for your business. Without the Plus subscription, QuickBooks Desktop users must back up their data to their own networks or computers.

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