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January 13, 2021

We’d be downright lying to say everything went smoothly. To get an idea of the scale of hardware blog stack overflow difference, the old web tier was Dell R610s with dual Intel E5640 processors and 48GB of RAM .

  • We do also have a tradition of excellent blogs that shed light on the product – Jeff was pretty much a blogger before he started SO and it probably showed.
  • There’s far too much great programming information trapped in forums, buried in online help, or hidden away in books that nobody buys any more.
  • Frameworks make developers’ lives easier by offering them a structure for application development.
  • What I mentioned is that the blog strategy will change.

We actually built this tool years ago, once our artisanally crafted zone files became too troublesome to edit by hand. The details of this tool are out of scope for this blog post though. If you want to learn about it, keep an eye out around March 2017 blog stack overflow as we plan to open-source it. The tool lets us describe the DNS zone data in one place and push it to many different DNS providers. Each programming language has over time been geared toward – or was even designed for – a particular niche within tech.

Podcast: Tfw You Accidentally Delete Your Database

This means that the faster provider should be skewed to more often than the slower providers. So our choices were narrowed for us to Route 53 and Google Cloud, thanks to Azure’s lack of ability to modify critical NS records. Thankfully, we have the data to back up the fact that Route 53 combined with Google is a very acceptable combination. These NS records are what your DNS provider says are authoritative DNS servers for a given domain. It’s very important that they are accurate and correct, because they will be cached by clients and DNS resolvers and are more authoritative than the records provided by your registrar. The DNS provider Dyn had come under attack, knocking a large number of authoritative DNS servers off the Internet, and causing widespread issues with connecting to major websites.

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In the five years since then, our users have built 133 communities. It reminds me of those medieval maps of the ancient world. The kind that shows a big bustling city smack dab in the middle, with a few smaller settlements around the periphery.

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However it is important to understand that alerting doesn’t always mean “emailing”. It can also mean things like publishing something to a dashboard or logging it. How you define availability and performance in your organization is a topic worthy of its own set of posts; and the details of all the activities an SRE team participates could fill a library. An SRE team needs to start somewhere and have mobile security best practices a strategy to tackle all of this. There is no one answer, but achieving a high level of observability needs to be a key strategic component for any SRE team. If you’re curious at all, please ask us questions here, Twitter, or wherever you’re most comfortable. It’s important to note here it wasn’t any of the guys in the data center spinning up this VM architecture after the network was live.

The thing you’ll want to create is a new entry into the ‘submitted questions’ data type. I don’t think blaming specific people is fair, or productive. Blame helps no one – feedback on the other hand does.

I used “inhumane” to mean lacking in compassion, and again, given all the people hurt by the site, this seems fitting. I used “toxic” to mean harmful, and I know plenty of people who have been hurt by the site, so that’s accurate. I felt frustrated that Joel had not mentioned the survey or taken any responsibility for how the culture of his site excludes women and others. I felt sad for all the people I’ve mentored and worked with who have felt excluded by the site and more generally by the tech industry, which influences and is influenced by the site’s culture. I was responding to a post written by Joel Spolsky, one of the cofounders of Stack Overflow, about the history of the site. This post came out a few weeks after his company released a survey where over 90% of the respondents were men and over 74% were white.

When it comes to classes, an additional attack vector is opened through corruption of their vtable pointers. The same concepts that apply to structs also apply to C++ classes, provided that they are declared as local variables and allocated on the stack. In the example above we would expect Buf to be placed in the first slot in memory, as it is referenced three times while dwVar1 and pdwVar2 are each only referenced twice. Disabling GS in the project settings, the following code is produced. The function must be compiled in such a way that the overflowed array is stored lower on the stack than the local variables.

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This Stack Overflow Meta post that included personal attacks on me has been deleted. Perhaps people at Stack Overflow can think about what it’s like to feel alienated by their site and then get bullied³ by their user base for speaking up about it. I can perhaps think more about what people at Stack Overflow are going through. augmented reality app development There are also smaller, private communities out there that provide much safer spaces—Slack groups and Facebook groups, for example. Many of them are welcoming to people at all levels of experience, with inclusivity and kindness baked right into it in the same way that Stack Overflow has toxic elitism and competition.

We were there, I think, to demonstrate that you could use their latest ASP.NET MVC technology on a real website without too much of a disaster. (In fact .NET has been a huge, unmitigated success for us, but you kids go ahead and have fun with whatever platform you want blog stack overflow mkay? They’re all great, or, at least, above-average). Looking to hire smart programmers who get things done? Stack Overflow Talent is a fully-customized sourcing solution that helps you understand, reach, and attract developers on the platform they trust most.

Nearly 65,000 developers from 186 countries took part in the current survey. Stack Overflow points out that the survey was conducted from February 5 to 28, 2020, and thereby before the COVID-19 pandemic had impacted every country in the world. This should be kept in mind especially regarding job and salary data.

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I admit there’s some great ones but considering Stack Overflow as a company is in a wee bit of a transition, it might be a good time to go “maybe you guys should revisit it”. Joel and I are recording our weekly calls and releasing them as podcasts. Listen to us describe our vision for stackoverflow in our own words — just head over to to download the first 46 minute episode. We’re even taking questions, if you submit them in the form of audio recordings. OODA is carried out at both the macro and micro levels by SRE teams. Orienting or analyzing that information as a group will have conflicts because people don’t agree on what the facts are. This can result in arguments about the person’s recollection of the facts instead of the issue at hand.

As a result, Fog Creek’s impact on the world of developers rivals companies a thousand times our size. For my day job, I’m the co-founder and CEO of Stack Overflow, the largest online community for programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and level up. Each month, more than 40 million professional and aspiring programmers visit Stack Overflow to ask and answer questions and find better jobs. Stack Overflow is also the flagship site of the Stack Exchange network, 160+ question and answer sites dedicated to all kinds of topics from cooking to gaming. According to Quantcast, Stack Overflow is the 30th largest web property in the United States and in the top 100 in the world. How we approached and accomplished the integration between SO for Teams and MS Teams. This is a technical blog for folks who are interested in the process of how we got these two codebases to play nice with one another.

Future Traffic Of Python Will Overtake The Other Popular Programming Languages

you’ll find a directory of all of them, along with some hot questions, statistics, leaderboards, and other tools so that you can follow the sites and tags that you’re interested in. And we did such a good job of serving programmers that a few smart non-programmers looked at us and said, “Behold! What works for developers should work for a lot of other people, too, as long as they’re willing to think like developers, which is the best way to think.

As it turned out, the people who were most desperate for free memberships were not exactly the best programmers in the world, and they wrote low quality answers to questions just to get those free memberships. Today’s new thing is called Stack Overflow for Teams. It lets you set up a private place on Stack Overflow where you can ask questions that will only be visible to members of your team, company, or organization. Newest blogger questions feed To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Real-life marketing stories, trends, and strategies from social media’s most engaging brands The inside story of an industry-changing agency reinventing its business Timely social media questions, answered. Have you ever need to merge two JSON files and you wondered if you can do it in the command-line? In this blog post, I will show you how you can use jq command-line JSON processor to merge recursively multiple JSON files.

As questions on Stack Overflow were often among the first search results in any programming related Google search, users joined in large numbers and started asking their own questions. The first cluster is a set of Dell R720xd servers, each with 384GB of RAM, 4TB of PCIe SSD space, and 2x 12 cores. It hosts the Stack Overflow, mobile game development company Sites (bad name, I’ll explain later), PRIZM, and Mobile databases. Alongside the 2 main Redis servers (master/slave) that run all the site instances, we also have a machine learning instance slaved across 2 more dedicated servers . This is used for recommending questions on the home page, better matching to jobs, etc.

That GUI is SQL Server Management Studio or Azure Data Studio, and you can run whatever queries you like against the database to get your answers while you’re offline. Gert – the data dump isn’t a direct backup of Stack Overflow’s production database. They export the data to XML, and then we import it into SQL Server format.

Paul Graham calls this “Playing House.” And they didn’t really care what the business did; they just wanted to “be entrepreneurs.” Which is weird, because being an entrepreneur really sucks. It’s really hard to get through all the extraordinary difficulty, pain, and stress of starting a company if you’re not super, super motivated to solve a problem for the world.

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As a result, the application will not have the opportunity to discover its stack has been corrupted prior to our shellcode execution. Each thread in a given process may register handler functions to be called when an exception is triggered. The pointers to these handlers are generally stored on the stack within an EXCEPTION_REGISTRATION_RECORD structure. Launching a 32-bit application on any versions of Windows will result in at least one such handler being registered and stored on the stack as seen below. They are only pseudo-random on a per-function basis. The address range between 0x0135FE20 and 0x0135FE30 should be overwritten with As i.e., 0x41.

A non-trivial number of users will be seeing a large performance impact. As a result, if one provider is fast in Auckland but slow in London, and another provider is the reverse, DNS cache servers in Auckland will favour the first provider and DNS cache servers in London will favor the other. This is a very little known feature of modern DNS servers but our testing augmented reality app development shows that enough ISPs support it that we are confident we can rely on it. The short version is that if you have many DNS servers, DNS cache servers will favour the fastests ones. Well, it’s due to a technique called Smooth Round Trip Time. Basically, DNS resolvers keep track of which DNS servers respond faster, and weight queries towards those DNS servers.

This is a prime example of a non-ASLR module created as a side-effect of relocation stripping in the latest version of the HXD Hex Editor. Notably, you can see in Figure 13 above that unlike the modules in Figure 12 these modules all have the same default image base of 0x compiled into their PE headers. In practice however, we can rely on them always being loaded at address 0x despite the fact that they are ASLR-enabled since the OS cannot re-base them during initialization without relocation data. Historically non-ASLR modules were very common, and were even abused in Windows 7+ web browser exploits with great success in commercial malware. Such modules have gradually become scarcer due in large part to ASLR being a security mitigation applied by default in IDE such as Visual Studio.

Up until 2 months ago, we hadn’t replaced any servers since upgrading from the original Stack Overflow web stack. There just hasn’t been a need since we first moved to the New York data center (Oct 23rd, 2010 – over 4 years ago). We’re always reorganizing, tuning, checking allocations, continuous delivery maturity model and generally optimizing code and infrastructure wherever we can. We mostly do this for page load performance; the lower CPU and memory usage on the web tier is usually a side-effect. Stack Overflow has been swooping to the rescue of all types of developers since its founding in 2008.

Starting with this torrent & newer, I broke this up into multiple SQL Server data files, each in their own 7z file, to make compression / decompression / distribution a little easier. You need all of those files to attach the database. –38GB torrent(magnet.) Expands to a ~304GB SQL Server 2008 database. Starting with this version & newer, the giant PostHistory table is included.

Almost tempted to say Careers hiring success stories would work better, but I suppose that needs someone willing to talk about it. Once again – there’s no narrative, just lists, ordered or otherwise in the current posts. The former tells a story, its useful to developers (and as a non developer, I stopped in the middle of what started as a slightly angry rant and went “daymn” Nice work Mr Larsen.).

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