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November 7, 2020

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The trusted team of tax relief experts at Platinum Tax Defenders has been providing tax relief in Los Angeles since 2011. In addition, our experienced tax settlement expert team provides tax relief services for people throughout the nation who are struggling to repay their taxes. Therefore, our team will put an end to wage garnishment, property liens, and bank accounts levies. For our team you come first, and we’ll do whatever is necessary to negotiate your tax debt with the IRS.

Our tax settlement experts can help you think of a workable tax settlement program. The Platinum Tax Defenders tax relief experts team will:

Help you repay your IRS tax debt for a fraction of what you owe.

In-house tax settlement experts negotiate with the IRS to remove penalties and interest charges.

We’ll help you put an end to wage garnishment and bank levies.

Team of top tax defenders will settle payroll taxes for you.

Experienced and trusted tax relief experts can help you become fully tax debt-free.

The PTD’s educated tax settlement experts have resolved tax issues for thousands of clients. Since we have the resources and experience necessary to address any IRS issues. Undoubtedly, the very best tax defenders team at PTD takes pride in our amazing customer effects. At Platinum Tax Defenders, we know what there is to know about assisting our clients to solve their tax debt issues. Indeed, being the nation most trustworthy tax settlement experts has been our number one priority. Thus, resolving your tax debt issues has been the driveway for the past 11 decades.


Platinum Tax Defenders supplies a number of tax settlement services for clients nationwide. Here’s an overview of the tax relief services with which our group of top tax defenders will be able to help you.

Team of tax settlement experts will provide the representation and guidance you need to work with the IRS successfully. Certainly, our goal is to help you solve your IRS problems and get you back in great fiscal shape. To put it differently, the skilled tax settlement experts will work closely with you and the IRS to ensure the best outcome possible for your situation. In any case, no matter which type of all IRS tax issues you are facing, we can help solve them. We understand how frustrating dealing with all the IRS can function; therefore, our tax settlement experts will guarantee to help you achieve the very best outcome possible. Additional from dealing with the IRS’s collection notices to assisting you with wage garnishments, bank levies, and any other tax-related issues, we’re here help.

Owing back taxes to the IRS can weigh on you like a ton of bricks. If you’re behind in your taxes, you’re not alone, and there’s hope. Countless Americans will struggle to cover their taxes for decades, as penalties and interest accumulate. At some point, the debt becomes so overwhelming that they feel like they have no longer options. Don’t give up. Indeed, there are options to help you cover your taxes. If you owe back taxes, allow the tax relief experts at PTD help you come up with the right tax relief program. As a result, be free of any tax debt with our help.


Platinum Card Tax Defenders works with experienced tax attorneys who focus on providing tax relief to people and businesses. Significantly an experienced tax lawyer can make all the difference in tax settlement issues at both the state and federal levels. Therefore, working with a skilled optima tax relief review see here tax lawyer can help you achieve desirable outcomes.

Here are some benefits of hiring an experienced tax lawyer:

Securing offer in compromise settlements | Creating IRS payment plans |Penalty Abatement | Innocent spouse relief | Release of property liens or bank levies | Stopping wage garnishments | Input a reasonable payment plan on your own behalf You can represent yourself from the IRS, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Not only employing a tax lawyer essential but additionally supported by tax relief experts.


When you overlook ‘t cover the IRS what you owe in taxes, they can take a number of set activities. One of these activities is freezing the cash in your personal or business bank accounts until you repay your debt. After the cash in your account is suspended, that is called a bank levy. If you presently have a bank levy in your accounts, Platinum Tax Defenders has the experience to provide help. Certainly, our expert team can assist in lifting the levies, depending on your tax conditions. In summary, the tax relief experts at PTD will utilize the resources at their disposal to help you with IRS bank levy issues.

You will be eligible for an offer in compromise (OIC) if valid reasons prove that you can’t cover your tax debt. In addition, this program is for taxpayers to whom it would be impossible to repay all their tax debt. In offer in compromise situations, a long-term tax relief program won’t work for the citizen. Therefore, if the IRS takes your OIC software, then they will significantly lower your overall debt owed. In several years of serving taxpayers, Platinum Tax Defenders have won clients instances that took their obligations from over $100,000 to $100. Hens, freeing citizens in their own IRS tax debt.


It’s never the right time to add yet another monthly payment to your long list of bills. Mainly you overlook ‘t want to bring an IRS bill to your monthly budget. If you can’t manage your monthly tax payment, Platinum Tax Defenders will be able to help you negotiate an affordable payment plan. Contact us today to ask about our tax settlement services. For the reason that after the IRS requires your cash, it’s difficult to have it backagain.


Revenue Officers would be the "Collection Officers" for the IRS. These individuals are the ones whose job it is to accumulate your taxes. The target of the Revenue Officer is to ensure you cover your debt in full as soon as possible. Platinum Tax Defenders will communicate directly with Revenue Officers in your behalf until they automatically start earning cash from you.


What goes through your mind while you get that dreaded letter stating that your tax return is up to get a scheduled appointment? Jail time? More debt? Platinum Tax Defenders has experience representing clients in both personal and business tax audits. Don’t fight the IRS yourself, even if you know you haven’t done anything wrong, or when you’re certain why you’re up to an audit. Our team has decades of experience dealing with IRS and State audits and are here to help. We’ll pay a visit to the audit office for you and satisfactorily prepare your situation, and that means you have the protection you deserve. Our tax settlement experts can help you know your rights when confronting a tax audit.

The IRS may file a lien, or a legal claim against your property, to procure payment of your tax debt. A tax lien can be taken out on your house or place of business. If the IRS has already placed a lien on your property, our group of top tax defenders can help. Our tax settlement services can help you get the lien raised.


Filing taxes is a complex process that all U.S. taxpayers confront each year. Common mistakes occur much more frequently than you’d believe when filing taxes. Some common errors include forgetting to add documents or not understanding you’re entitled to credits or deductions. A tax modification ought to be filed to fix any piece of information that could change your tax calculation. So A tax return amendment could mean that you have to pay more in taxes, or that you’re due for a refund. Why allow the IRS or State maintain your hard-earned cash? Platinum Tax Defenders can help you file a tax return amendment before the IRS adds more penalties on the error. It is also possible to be at risk of losing an extra refund.

Income tax laws in the United States continue to get complex. Our team of tax attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents have decades of experience in the financial services sector. We can help you with submitting your business or personal tax returns. So to prevent penalties and interest, seek out assistance with submitting your U.S. tax return. If you have to submit a tax return expansion, Platinum Card Tax Defenders can assist you with your tax preparation needs. Contact us now if you have unfiled tax returns or when the IRS has obtained a collections action against you.


Platinum Tax Defenders offers customized accounting services designed to help your business manage its finances. Our expert staff of CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers will help you with your companies ‘ bookkeeping needs. We can help your organization save time and money so that you can concentrate on what matters: growing your business. Platinum Tax Defenders also offers consulting services for accounting, tax preparation, and other pertinent business topics. Our team is discreet, trustworthy, and prepared to fix any problems you have in building and maintaining a successful enterprise. With years of experience providing citizens with tax settlement services, our accounting services may also prevent any future tax issues.

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